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A Man and Woman restained by a geometric structure.
A Man and Woman restained by a geometric structure.>
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A Group of Men from 'The Community' small sculpture series.
A Group of Men from 'The Community' series.
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'The Family' in Duleek County Meath IreLand.
'The Family' in Duleek County Meath IreLand.


Making three dimensional works is what a sculptor does,Portrait_of_a_Lady.h by Maurice harron they work with definite things called forms, people know most forms sculptors use such as stone, wood, metal and clay but a list sculpting forms (materials) is almost endless...

Sculptors are constantly pushing against the formal condition (materials available) of sculpture to engage their new ideas. The quest to make something that is new is not modern there are always forms that are new. In the past many forms and skills were limited by geographical restraints striving for new forms determined civilisations, mores focus the core of all innovation sculptural or otherwise. Alternative techniques are encounters with making that can enthrall the artist and elevate an audience. These trajectories seem immanent though they are the cause of the holding, hammering, cutting, breaking of forms that ensues even the endurance of the first sculptures and works called art.

The majority of sculptures shown on this site make a recogniseable image. The works have broken though the formal restrictions, you can recognise a situation where the artist shows imagination and skills with the forms he has chosen to work with. A sculpture is recognisable person or actor, an object or a group of figures. A work revealed by skills and techniques is a window, to life lived and hope revealed.

Druid with a Bible. makette by Maurice Harron The Music, sculpture of a dancing woman by Maurice Harron Girl on a Rock. The Womam, a woman lying on her back with her harms reaching up into the air, a metal sculpture. A Man Struggles with Sleep. metal sculpture. A War is Lost. a metal sculpture of a fallen man with an arm out stretched. A Woman Waits. Lifesize nude, abstract metal sculpture situated near a window.  close-up of A Woman Waits. Lifesize nude, abstract metal sculpture situated near a window.> The Footballer. Bronze sculpture of a goalkeeper jumping to save a goal. The Ballerina. metal sculpture of a dancer dressed in a tutu standing arabesque.

Small Sculptures.

Some smaller works may have started life as a maquettes for large sculptures, then usually because of the success of the maquette it moves to a position where it can be a sculpture too. The work is no longer another maquette made to make sense of some logistical challenge. The scource of a small work is to be the origin of the larger sculpture but the challenge is resolved in the smaller work. The large format progeny may have found a turn for its own sake but it does not own the house it shares with the smaller sibling

Most public sculpture because of the high costs of production start as a small sculpture. The works made on a small scale do have value. Decisions made on the table top create the catalogue or index what will enable the future work. Small works can go further and strike out into other themes, break a pattern and connect to a newer method of expressing ideas. Small works sign-post the way towards the future your art work.
This scenario is clear in Maurice's work, 'The Colt in Flight' the smaller work is echoed in the installation, 'Origins',at Adams County Museum, Colorado. USA, a work that contemplates the early settlers to American and life on a new frontier. Small works also show how effectively Maurice has worked the forms that he has embraced to create the visual facets of a human condition that characterise or suggest rank. Changes in style discuss vulnerability, valuable bronzes focus on poverty or abuses of power and finally size and scale, bring people together to witness the experiences of another.

'The Edge.' Four small bronze figures atand close togethernear the edge of a tall plinth Colt in Flight. a small sculpture A Man and Dog. Sculpture of anold man with his faithful companionS The Appointment. A small sculpture of a male figure seated on a chair on top of a tall plinth./ Stopped Walking. Bronze of a man and dog seemingly stopped still! The Acrobat. Bronze sculpture of a tumbeling  male figure. A Bystander. bronze sculpture of a man stoped starring at something in thev distance. Angst. A symbolic bronze sculpture, amale figure is captured/suspended in a geometric cage. The Fisherman. A sitting male figure contemplates a fish he is holding close to his face. The Fisherman. Side view. A sitting male figure contemplates a fish he is holding close to his face. Street Fight. Bronze on plinth two men force another man towards the ground as he fends off their blows. Street Fighters. Four men gather looking menacingly off in diffeent directions. Community Group. a group of small scupltures evoking groups of people going about their daily lives. The Couple. bronze sculpture of a man and woman seemingly trapped in a geometric structure. The Swizz.. is a small bronze sculpture of a man and woman spinning at dance. Woman and a Cat. a bronze sculpture. The Whisper on the Wave a sculpture of a sailing ship on the crest of a large wave. The Fiddler. steel and bronze sculpture,a male figure playind a fiddle (violin) A Womans Head. a bronze sculpture of the front of a young womwns head Broke Portrait. a bronze portrait of a young man, the left side of the head is broken revealing an armature inside An Owl. a bronze sculpture of an Owl perched on the limb of a tree.