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The four Saints and Scholars, stainless steel sculptures, Tullamore Co. Offaly. Ireland.
Saints and Scholars. Tullamore Co. Offaly. Ireland
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black and white image of Maurice Harron working in his studio.
Working In the Studio
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Swizzing at the Dance


Artists rely on many resourcesA sculpture being installed in Strabane a frame has been made to accept poured concrete.to enable their work to be seen by the public. The "slight of hand" involved is analogous to the steps an architect must take make a building structurally safe and serviceable to those who live within and nearby. The logistics of making a large out door sculpture are hidden once the sculpture is fully installed. Ladders, cherry pickers, and large cranes have moved the works into place and large engineering works are employed to make sure the work is anchored firmly to the foundations and will endure not only the elements but also the rough and tumble of the contact that comes with public access.

When an artist makes public art there is immediately opened a third narrative. The other public space is explored by photographers, filmmakers, writers, journalists, sometimes other artists works relate directly to art that is not made by themselves. Artists influence each other and the extra public access filtered through media, services or art works form parallel opinions and focus another context for the future development of work. The artist who makes public work has to consider attributes of the art work that will invigourate and uncover art of the past alongside this they must determine how the processes that will make this art last into the future cover.

Jadis The White Witch in a studio in China being prepared for the final stainless steel casting. CS Lewis Narnia character 'Aslan' is winched by a crane into the final position. A cherry picker crane in use in the studio to help wit the sculpting of the Giant Narnia sculpture of Aslan the Lion.. The first  part of the Armagh Apple growers sculpture ia winched high in to the air to find the place where it will finally be installed. A stainless steel Armagh Apple Grower figure is installed in place next to one of his partners, the deep foundations of the installed sculptures are visible. The Final figure is in place and all the foundations are now in placea single piece of the sculpture is still to be Fitted to the work. Two very large works are being installed at the center of a roundabout, large cranes are indespensable when sculptures of this size need to be installed.

Future Proposals.

Gathering on Scalp is a short film about one of the most ambitious public art projects ever envisioned in the island of Ireland. Scalp Mountain straddles the space between Derry City and the Inishowen/Inis Eoghain peninsula in County Donegal.

Maurice Harron plans to erect a massive installation comprised of tall figures of bronze and stainless steel, surrounded by a circle of standing stones, on top of this mountain ridge which can be clearly seen from the city centre and the surrounding countryside. This impressive installation will reflect the rich mythological and historic heritage of the northwest region of Ireland and serve as a permanent monument to this unique cultural heritage and a celebration for many years in the future.

Curriculum Vitae.

Maurice Harron.



County Donegal.


Republic of Ireland.

Tel.: (00353) 074 938 6586

Mobile: 004479 2675 6139

Email: mauriceharron@gmail.com

Web site: www.mauriceharron.com


St. Columb’s College, Derry, N. Ireland. UK. 1957 - 1964.

Belfast College of Art & Design, Belfast, N. Ireland. UK. 1964 - 1969.


Larkfield Secondary School, Belfast, N. Ireland. UK. 1969 - 1970.

St, Joseph’s College of Education, Belfast, N. Ireland. UK. 1970 - 1974.

Convent of Mercy Secondary School, Roscommon, Ireland. 1974 - 1989.

Western Education & Library Board. N. Ireland. UK. Advisor for Technology & Design, I989 - 1993.

St. Columb’s College, Derry, N. Ireland. UK. 1993 - 1996.

Lumen Christi College, Derry, N. Ireland. UK. 1996 - 2006.


2010, One- man exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Gordon Gallery, Derry. N. Ireland. UK.

2012  One-man exhibition of sculptures and paintings, Alley Gallery, Strabane. Co. Tyrone N. Ireland. UK.


Alumnus Illustrissimus,  2016,  St. Columb’s College, Derry, N. Ireland. UK. 

Public Art Works.

‘Hands across the Divide’. (July 1991.) Bronze, 8ft high, on 12ft high walls. Carlisle Square, Derry. N. Ireland. UK.

‘Hiring Fair’ (December 1994.) Bronze, 6ft high. The Square, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Brian Friel’. (1995.) life size bronze. Commissioned by the Playwright’s Inn. Dublin, Ireland.

‘Tabernacle and Processional Cross, Bronze’. (1996.) St. John’s Church, Middletown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland. UK.


‘Irish Famine and Emigration’. (1997.) ‘An Gorta Mor’ bronze and granite, unveiled by the President of Ireland, Mary Robinson. Cambridge Common, Massachusetts. USA.

‘Barge Horse’. (1999.) bronze’, 2.5 meters high, cast bronze. Grand Canal, Dublin, Ireland.

‘Gaelic Chieftain’. (1990.) 5 meters high, stainless steel, bronze. Curlew Mountains, Co. Roscommon, Ireland.


‘Rescue’. (2000.) Bronze, erected at Fire Authority. Lisburn, Co Antrim, N. Ireland. UK.


‘Let the Dance Begin’. (2000.) Stainless steel and bronze, each 18ft high. Strabane, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland. UK.

‘The Wave’. (2000.)3 meters, stainless steel & bronze. St. Columb’s College, Derry, N. Ireland. UK.  

‘Workers’. (2001.) Stainless steel & stone arch, 2.2 meters high. Letterkenny Co. Donegal, Ireland.  

‘Flying Angel’. (2001.) 4 meters high, s/steel. The Mission to Seafarers, Belfast, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Fountain & Dove’. (2001.) St. Columb’s College. Courtyard, Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Saint Patrick’. (2002.) Bronze and stainless steel, 2 meters high. St. Patrick’s Church,

‘Our Creative Life’. (2003.) Bronze bas-relief circular panel. St. Columb’s College, Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Seamus Heaney’. (2003.) Bronze life size portrait. St. Columb’s College, Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Josef Locke’. (March 2005.) Bronze – City Hotel, Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘ColmCille the Scribe’. (June 2005.) Bronze, St. Columb’s College, Derry. N. Ireland. UK.

‘Sculptures at Iosas Garden’. (2006.) DoireBhan, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

‘Grainne’. ( August 2007) Bronze, 2.5 meters high. Commissioned by Galway City Council, dedicated by Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley and Mayor of Galway Tom Costello. Heritage Green, W. Adams & Des Plaines, Chicago, USA.

‘Aodh Rua UaDomhnaill’. (2007.) Bronze, 2.25 meters high. Donegal Town, Ireland.

‘Spirit of Youth’. (2008.) Stainless steel, 6 meters high. Thornhill , Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Solar Marker’. (2008.) Bronze & stone, 2 meters high. Raphoe, Co. Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Celebration’. (2008.) Sports’ bronze, 4 meters high. Donemana, Co. Derry. N. Ireland. UK.

‘The Promise’. (2009.) Bronze, 2 meters high. An Grianan Hotel, Burt, Co.Donegal, Ireland.

‘Shepard’s Crook’. (2009.) Bronze 4 meters high. NewtownCunningham, Co.Donegal Ireland.

‘Saints & Scholars’. (2009.) Stainless steel, 8 meters high. Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

‘The Task - Unity’. (2010.) Stainless steel, 20ft high Galliagh. Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Children’. (2010.) Steel, coloured, 3 meters high, Clonmany Primary School, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

‘Salmon Leap’. (2011.)Stainless steel, Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

‘Origins’. (Februry 2011.) Stainless steel & bronze, 3 meters high. ‘21st Century’ – stainless steel & bronze, 3 meters high, Adams County, Colorado, USA.

‘Saint Patrick’. (2011.) Steel and bronze, 2.5 metres high, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin. Ireland.

‘Tower of Imagination’. (2011.) 8.5 metres high, Newry, Dublin – Belfast Motorway. N. Ireland. UK.

‘Conundrum’. (2012.) 1 meter-high, stainless steel egg. Green Park, London.UK.

‘Tip O’Neill Monument’. (2012.) Bronze portrait and granite plinth,including diaspora Tip O'Neill award presented each year. Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

‘Finvola, Gem of the Roe’. (2012.) Bronze life size sculpture, ‘River Roe Runs Through It’. (2012.) Ceramic bas-relief, with participation of 150 school children. Dungiven, Co. Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Leaping Dog’. (2013.) Steel sculpture. Limavady Roe Valley Park, Limavady, Co. Derry N. Ireland. UK.

‘Mythological Serpent’. (2013.) Steel sculpture, Feeny, County Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Cushy Glen’. (2013.) Stone sculpture, Limavady, County Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Celebrate’. (2013.) 5 stainless steel figures of teenagers for RathMor. UK city of Culture 2013. Derry, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Derry Oak Tree’. (October 2013.) International Choral Festival. Including additional small versions for annual presentation. Derry, N. Ireland. UK.


‘Linen Bleachers’. (2014.) 6 meters high, Lurgan,  ‘Rebuilding World’ – 6 metres high, Portadown. Co. Armagh, N. Ireland. UK.

‘The Family’. (November 2014.) Stainless steel, 6 meters high. Duleek, Co. Meath, Ireland.

‘Time Tree’. (November 2014.) Stainless steel, 4 meters high. Duleek, Co. Meath, Ireland.

‘2 Gateways’. (2015.) Stainless steel, 9 meters high, Magherafelt, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Peace Gate’. (2015.) Stainless steel, 8 meters high, 'Wishing Tree'. (2015.) stainless steel, 4 meters high. Valley Park, Newtownabbey, N. Ireland. UK.

‘Trees of Killitra’. (2015.) 5 sculptures, stainless steel & 4 stone walls The Loup, County Tyrone, N.Ireland.

‘Narnia’. (November 2016.) 6 sculptures, cast stainless steel, cast bronze, plate stainless steel, plate bronze, granite stone, CS Lewis Square, Newtownards Road, Belfast, N.Ireland. UK.

‘Amazing the Space’. the ‘Peace Tree’. (September 2018.) Peace Pledges from 400 young people one from each school in Northern Ireland. Youth Rally at former 'HM. Prison Maze' site, Co Down. N. Ireland. UK.

‘Care and Love’ (March 2019.) , abstract stainless steel sculpture of a family holding hands in supporting each other, Hospice sculpture. Co Mayo, Ireland.