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Maugram the Wolf sculpture from the Narnia series during construction.
One of the sculptures from the Narnia series during construction.
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A small commission from a local school. A bronze relef early stages of casting.
A small commission from a local school. A bronze relef early stages of casting.
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A leaping wolfhound  steel sculpture by mzurice harron at The Leap of The Dog. Roe Valley Country Park. Limavady N.Ireland.
The Leap of The Dog. Roe Valley Country Park. Limavady N.Ireland.


Commissions are the most resolute encounters that A bronze Bust of Irish writer Brian friel in Dublin, Ireland. an artist makes to market himself and what he produces. The artist plays the central role occupying the position to accept or refuse the commission in the first place. The superior role is reversed once the work is complete since the artist has to have completed the commission specifications. The commission represents the state of the world and the bonds that bind us.

Despite the facts most artists still take commission work, an artist can make money without having to sacrifice to "the Man". A commission could be any art, like the pieces that found their way on to the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square London or a simple portrait. singer George Micheal commissioned a portrait from artist Micheal Craig-Martin. Most artists are chosen for one reason, their work. Who ever is making the commission likes what he thinks the artist will make for the comission. There is no better way to make the criteria for a commission than to be ideal choice for the invisioned work.

Maurice Harron is acclaimed for the comissioned works he has made for institutions and private individuals througout Ireland. He has sculpted busts (portrait, head and shoulders) of irish writers that include Seamus Heaney, James Joyce and Brian Friel. Maurice has also sculpted historical and legendary figures, ordinary people are the models chosen to represent our ancestors, he has assembled playing children and particular family types to symbolise aspects of community life. Maurice has been asked consider scoundrels, warriors, saints and sinners as well as those who make the stories of recent past or the ground of history.

A horse in flight, a steel sculpture. Part of the installation Origins that celebrated the wild west at. Adams County Colorado USA. View of a large steel sculptural installation 'Origins' at Adams County. Colorado. USA. The Bull, a steel sculpture. Part of the installation Origins that celebrated the wild west at. Adams County Colorado USA. Memorial of the Irish Potato Famine. Bronze sculpture 'The Great Hunger'. Cambridge, Massachussetts. USA. The irish famine monument, features bronze figures disheveled and emaciated, on a plinth. 'The Great hunger' Cambridge Massachussetts. Grainnie. bronze sculpture the work commemorate Chicago’s historical significance to Irish immigrants in America. In Chacago, Michigan. USA. Grainne.makes reference to prehistoric sculptures in which women are shown with the left hand raised as a signal of blessing. The base of the sculpture is derived from the Turoe Stone, a pagan Celtic relic at Heritage Park, Chicago. USA.

Sculptural Commissions.

The commissions that Maurice takes on are from a huge variety of sources. A well known Donegal hotel wanted to commission a sculpture that would be the centre piece for the entrance to the hotel. The entrance has been dramatically improved by the sculpture. The commissioned sculpture 'The Lovers' welcomes newly married couples and guests in spectacular fashion. The hotel has gained a dimension that will add to the wedding receptions that happen at the hotel in the future plus the sculpture has given the hotel an aura of a special and happy place stay. The effect of the sculpture on business at the hotel has been tremendous and 'The Lovers' is now signature piece that encompasses the identity of the hotel.

All commissions are different, it is important that each sculpture is individual. In the process of completing a commission Maurice engages very closely with the client to come to an understanding of how they see themselves especially in the context of this new artwork they are in the process of creating. Maurice must also gain their confidence to be able re-contextualise the reasons why they want a particular work. He must be sure that the sculpture he will make embodies all the reasons why the work is commissioned, Maurice must insure the sculpture is what the client wants. Maurice Harron wants a work that presents the of qualities the client wants to espouse and would like to express about themselves and by association represent who they are.

The close collaboration of commissioners with the artist frame the process of all commissions including works for institutions and local government. The course of the collaboration does not always end happily and commissioners can wake up with something unexpected on their streets or fronting the newest public amenity. The artist on the other hand can be left with a cancelled commission after months of preparation without any or little recourse.

Wave' 2000 a detail from Wave 2000 That shows a boat crossing through the wave taht represents the Atlantic Ocean. ColmCille Monk and Scribe a bronze seated figure of the celebrated irish saint. ColmCille Monk and Scribe. A  close up showing head and shoulders from the bronze sculpture ColmCille Monk and Scribe by Maurice Harron. Finvola, Gem of the Roe Bronze life size sculpture, a beautiful woman playing a Harp. Finvola, Gem of the Roe, details of her face and long flowing hair The Lovers, a bronze sculpture of a couple astride a horse situated outside a hotel in Co. Donegal. Ireland The Wedding Couple a bronze sculpture showing a young couple hand in hand a stride horse on the way to their honeymoon Josef Locke Memorial Derry. celbrating the life of the famous tennor and showing the words and notes from Danny Boy a song he made famous. Stone Cross, a repcla of an actual stone cross. The Risen Christ bronze sculpture of Christ risen on Easter Day The Risen Christ head and shoulders view of Christ risen on Easter Day bronze sculpture of A Praying Girl, she has her arm wide open and her face raised. Figure on a Cross, an abstract male figure on wooden cross.  bronze sculpture of irish Chieftain Red Hugh O'Donnel  Bronze sculpture of The woman of the Sun. The woman of the Sun. bronze sculptue of a pagan goddess The Mytholgical Serpent  bronze bust of Brian Friel Irish Playwrite.